It's 3AM, I can't be the only one awake.


So it has come to THIS?  I have nothing else to say about THIS.  Just that THIS is what it has come to.  


Look it was just for a minute.  3 minutes max.  I could see them the whole time and my windows were cracked and the doors locked!  My car even has an alarm!  They were both sleeping!  Everyone knows you do not wake a sleeping child! I didn’t think I needed to wake them up, drag them […]

As performed at Expressing Motherhood LA Jan. 2011… (singing to my toddler)”I like to ooot ooot ooot oooples and banooonoos…I like to ooot ooot ooot oooples and banooonoos…” Mommy has to go potty.  Oh I know it’s so hard.  I’ll be right back.  And we’ll sing some more.  It’s OK.  Mommy will be right back.  I […]

Upcoming Show!

I’m honored to once again be a part of EXPRESSING MOTHERHOOD   Last year’s show sold out so get your tickets early.  We open this Friday at the Lillian Theatre in Hollywood!   Come see 12 moms tell their very different stories.  Hilarious and heartbreaking all in one. There’s wine and a food truck!! If I don’t […]