It's 3AM, I can't be the only one awake.

Momma Says!

I’m excited to announce that I’m a part of a brand new Web Series called MOMMA SAYS! It’s really awesome ’cause it’s by the same people who do HGTV – ummm….my MAJOR addiction.  Anyway,  Stacie and I were contacted several months ago (via our I’m Not From Here But My Kids Are show – come […]


*My friend Lindsay is committed to making our roads safer.  She is tired of the needless loss of life that happens on our roads.  She created the blog Fix The Toaster to wake the world up to this easily solved problem.  Check it out – your life might depend on it. Here’s a post I […]


Wondering what to do with your leftover wrapping paper rolls?  Well…here’s an idea! PLAY SWORDS for TODDLERS  * I am aware that I will most likely get hit in the face with these often but I will consider these valuable teaching moments! In my very best DIY wording… You Will Need: 1. One wrapping paper […]

Today I am sad.  It’s kind of ridiculous, sort of embarrassing and I feel way too old for this sort of thing but…I got a bad haircut.  My friends are being supportive, encouraging me with : “it looks really healthy,” “it really frames your face,” and “it’ll grow back.”  And they’re right.  But I am […]