It's 3AM, I can't be the only one awake.

For the past two weekends I have been lucky to be a part of the Expressing Motherhood Fall cast.  It was a great show filled with amazing women, laughter, tears and wine!  But my favorite part of the entire experience was my conversation with Ellie Kemper.  If you do not know Ellie Kemper, you should.  […]

Yesterday my son pooped on my shoe!  He was so proud.  He looked up at me and said, “Mommy, I go poopy.”  I looked down and sure enough, there it was, on my shoe.  Right out of his butt, down his commando legs and right out the bottom of his pants. Plop!  I said “Good […]


Look it was just for a minute.  3 minutes max.  I could see them the whole time and my windows were cracked and the doors locked!  My car even has an alarm!  They were both sleeping!  Everyone knows you do not wake a sleeping child! I didn’t think I needed to wake them up, drag them […]