It's 3AM, I can't be the only one awake.

Paci No More!

Not long ago I was asked by a fellow mom, via e-mail, how I weaned my sons off of their beloved pacifiers.  I figured we weren’t the only ones whose house and bed and car and purse and LIFE had been taken over by the pacifier – so I posted my response here:   Dear […]

The toddler tantrum can come at any moment.  Your day (or night) can go from Happy Happy Joy Joy to Holy F***ing Sh** Balls in less than 2 seconds.  And that is exactly how it went down in my house last night. It was just a simple bath.  2 toddlers, 1 bath, 7pm.  This is […]


So it has come to THIS?  I have nothing else to say about THIS.  Just that THIS is what it has come to.