It's 3AM, I can't be the only one awake.

Momma Says!

I’m excited to announce that I’m a part of a brand new Web Series called MOMMA SAYS! It’s really awesome ’cause it’s by the same people who do HGTV – ummm….my MAJOR addiction.  Anyway,  Stacie and I were contacted several months ago (via our I’m Not From Here But My Kids Are show – come […]


Wondering what to do with your leftover wrapping paper rolls?  Well…here’s an idea! PLAY SWORDS for TODDLERS  * I am aware that I will most likely get hit in the face with these often but I will consider these valuable teaching moments! In my very best DIY wording… You Will Need: 1. One wrapping paper […]


These are my boys manning the polls today. I think they were influential. It was subtle, but effective. “With great power there must also come great responsibility.” Let’s make this world great for our aspiring superheroes.

The toddler tantrum can come at any moment.  Your day (or night) can go from Happy Happy Joy Joy to Holy F***ing Sh** Balls in less than 2 seconds.  And that is exactly how it went down in my house last night. It was just a simple bath.  2 toddlers, 1 bath, 7pm.  This is […]