It's 3AM, I can't be the only one awake.

Meet Shannon

When I was little all I wanted to be was a Girl Scout leader in a peaceful, little town in Kentucky. Somehow I ended up in Los Angeles with two loud and fearless sons, a very southern husband, a 110 lb male English sheepdog and a house full of urine. I don’t have a single badge to show for this. I do however have bourbon.

I’m a writer, a performer and a bourbon lover. (I like to mention the word bourbon at least once in every paragraph of a bio.) When I meet you I’m probably going to ask you a ton of questions that revolve around where you are from. I’m not good at grammar.  I like bourbon.  The End.  Just kidding.  I also like Tony Lama Cowboy boots, classic country music and self help audio books.


My husband and I are from Georgia and Kentucky respectively. We consider ourselves urban southerners and we love to have our neighbors and friends over for cheese grits and bourbon . I used to not like living in Los Angeles but now I love it. That’s the thing with having kids, it makes your world very small and cozy (and LOUD AS SH**). It also makes you appreciate things you only sort of appreciated before. (Like when you used to have a life!) It makes you laugh harder and it makes you cry harder too.

Having children is challenging and wonderful (for some people). I’m inspired to share both my joys and my pains with anyone else who might be up pumping, nursing, or loving on a toddler at 3am. Cheers. (That’s sort of a bourbon mention)