It's 3AM, I can't be the only one awake.

Mommy Tonk

I’m so happy to announce that the new Mommy Tonk website is up and active. We had a great time this month at Expressing Motherhood.  We are thrilled to have shared the stage with a fabulous group of uber talented women and we are forever grateful to Lindsay Kavet and Jessica Cribbs, the co-creators, for not only hooking Stacie and I up but also for their continued love and support.  The village they have created with Expressing Motherhood is unmatched and we are honored to be a part of it whenever they will have us!

We have many new adventures in store so come on over to the new site, like us on Facebook, sit right back and have yerself a giggle!


Not for small children!

Not for playing at work!


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