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Momma Says!

I’m excited to announce that I’m a part of a brand new Web Series called MOMMA SAYS! It’s really awesome ’cause it’s by the same people who do HGTV – ummm….my MAJOR addiction.  Anyway,  Stacie and I were contacted several months ago (via our I’m Not From Here But My Kids Are show – come see that if you haven’t already, we serve alcohol!) and we got all prettied up and each filmed two stories…for YOU!  And your funny bones.  Check them out below and then share them with your friends!  Or don’t – but tell me you did.
This first one is a live telling of a previous blog post actually!  It’s about my oldest son, bath time tantrums and said oldest son’s…um…well, you should just watch it.

Click here:

This second one is about that wonderful moment when the delivery guy rings your doorbell…right when your baby falls asleep!  Arrggggg.  (You may have heard me tell this tale before, maybe you’ve even seen it live at EXPRESSING MOTHERHOOD– but does it ever get old? – OK, maybe, but just watch it)

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I hope you enjoyed these.  Stay tuned for more!!!

Riley - AKA Julie Andrews
This is not part of the show.  This is my youngest son dressed up like Julie Andrews.  No idea where he gets his love for costumes.